Amanda Sukhbat

Marketing Associate


1. Where would you like to travel after you graduate?

I would love to travel to Japan, especially during cherry blossom season! I want to learn more about
After I graduate (hopefully) I would love to travel to Brazil! I remember being a little girl in my living room back in Mongolia just watching tons of documentaries and movies about Brazil. I was completely entranced by Brazil’s rich culture, stunning nature and the fact that it was so different from my country. It was a surprising moment when I found out that I actually didn’t need a visa to travel there and once I’m free from all the worries of university life I would love to just buy a ticket and get on a plane to Rio De Janeiro.


2. Coco or Chatime?

It may be surprising but I’ve never heard of both of these chain stores until this August when I came to Canada for the first time. I’ve only had Coco once so I’m not sure I have enough knowledge to judge whether it’s better than Chatime or not. But currently, I’m basically a bubble tea addict and need my dose of Chatime every day (trying to cut back but failing).


3. What is one thing that you love to do?

One thing I love to do is baking! I’ve developed a passion for it ever since that one time I was tasked to make sugar cookies for a school project. Baking was and is my way of de-stressing and the best part is getting to taste the end result. I’ve had more than my fair share of mishaps while baking but they all left me with fun, messy but unforgettable memories. My best memories from high school are that of me baking with my friends and sometimes…often failing miserably.


4. What do you want to accomplish in AOA?

There are many things I want to accomplish as an associate for AOA and one of the main things is to help students like myself as how AOA members helped me. When I first attended the many networking events and orientations required of managements students, I wasn’t quite comfortable with going up to strangers and starting a conversation but I felt so much better when upper year students approached me, gave me advice and just made me feel welcomed. I came to realize that many of the people who helped me were from different clubs and organizations like AOA. So I would love to help other students by providing them with different opportunities through AOA. Plus, I really hope to make long lasting friendships with my fellow AOA family.