Bryant Wong

Media Director


1. What are you happiest doing when not working?

Whenever I get the chance off work or school, I like to spend quality time with family and friends. There is just something about with catching up with and hanging out with friends. Other things I enjoy doing on my free time is trying new foods, traveling and playing badminton.


2. Where would you like to travel after you graduate?

I would want to travel all over Asia specifically Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan.


3. What would you rate 10/10?

Korean BBQ


4. What do you want to accomplish on AOA?

As someone who has a passion for accounting, I want to bring more exposure and clear up the misconceptions that people have about the accounting industry. With that in mind, AOA can help me explore these opportunities within the accounting industry and give me a better understanding of the business structure that facilitates AOA