Abijeeth Ravindranathan

Events Director

  1. What is one of your mottos in life?

    My motto in life is definitely “Go Big or Go Home”. I tend to really live a lifestyle where I choose to commit 100% of my effort, time and interest in anything I care about. I am an individual who makes sure everything I do is meaningful rather than spend my time doing everything but not give it my all. If I am not able to give it my all then I will not waste my time on it.

  2. If you could compare yourself to a character in a TV show, movie, etc., what character do you think is most similar to you and why?

    If I were to compare myself to a character in a TV show, I would definitely see myself very similar to Ted in “How I Met My Mother”. I see Ted as an individual who is very simple and down to earth in anything he does. He doesn’t try to complicate his life and chooses to live a very simple aspect in everything he does and that’s something I live by a lot as well. I don’t like to complicate and stress over matters which is why I see a lot of similarities between us.

  3. In your opinion, what is the scariest interview question you have been asked or can be asked?

    The scariest interview question I have been asked was during my AOA interview. I was asked to sell my tie to the panel that was interviewing me. I was shocked when I heard the question because I was not prepared for a question like that at all. I don’t think anyone would prepare for that type of question either but still I think I managed to give a good sales pitch at that time.

  4. If you were lucky enough to win the lottery, what would you do?

    If I were to win the lottery, I would pay off all my debt and buy a very nice and simple condo near the harbourfront and travel the world. Once my trip is over, I would come back and invest into a organization that looks to helps small growing firms in their industries.

  5. Why did you become a part of AOA?

    I looked it as an opportunity for me to further expand my interest in accounting and to build strong connections with individuals who share a similar interest as me. As time goes on, I also look to take my knowledge and experience from AOA and help the students in UTSC that also share my strong interest in accounting and are eager to learn more about the industry.