Jesse Wong

Finance Director

  1. What is one of your mottos in life?

    “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you” – Fred DeVito. This particular quote reminds me that I need to take on challenges, no matter how big or small, in order to improve. It isn’t something I have perfected to say the least, which is why I think it is such an inspiring quote.

  2. If you could compare yourself to a character in a TV show, movie, etc., what character do you think is most similar to you and why?

    Personality-wise, I would say Hermione Granger and I are very similar. Although I have never actually watched Harry Potter, from what I know of it, Hermione is portrayed to be a very logical and levelheaded individual and I have been told that I exhibit such characteristics. It is definitely one reason why I think we are similar, however, not the only reason. More importantly, I think it is our weaknesses that make us comparable; that is, her feelings of vulnerability and inadequacy, and her fear for failure. These feelings are what I think motivates us to work hard and try our best in everything we do.

  3. In your opinion, what is the scariest interview question you have been asked or can be asked?

    Rather than scary, I think the most difficult (and common!) question to ask is “tell me about yourself” or “why should we hire you?” because it’s really hard to determine what personality traits, work habits, or experiences you should cover that most appropriately and effectively describe you as a whole.

  4. If you were lucky enough to win the lottery, what would you do?

    I would take a long vacation with my family and go somewhere warm and sunny. I’d probably also save a lot of that money because I’d still want to go back to school eventually.

  5. Why did you become a part of AOA?

    The reason why I wanted to become a part of AOA was simply because I wanted an opportunity to learn something new. My Finance Director role is not like any role I’ve experienced before and because of that, I get to learn new things and work with new people every day. It’s an exhilarating feeling that can definitely be scary, but as I said before… if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you—and I’m all about changing myself for the better.