Rachel Sham

CPA Director

  1. What is one of your mottos in life?

    “Keep moving forward because you can never change the past.”

  2. If you could compare yourself to a character in a TV show, movie, etc., what character do you think is most similar to you and why?

    My spirit animal is Paris Hilton. People often joke that we are alike because we don’t always take ourselves too seriously and we portray ourselves in an oblivious and happy-go-lucky nature. Despite that, she balances an ambitious career goal, and never lets the negativity of others get to her. She is so fabulous and illogical its just so funny to me. What a lifestyle, I’d love to be her!

  3. In your opinion, what is the scariest interview question you have been asked or can be asked?

    “Sell me this object.”

  4. If you were lucky enough to win the lottery, what would you do?

    Purchase properties across the world! Then take my friends and family with me to travel the world.

  5. Why did you become a part of AOA?

    Being an accounting focused student, I wanted the opportunity to increase my exposure to the accounting opportunities available at UTSC. With the high accounting interest among UTSC students, I also wanted to help innovate and execute valuable events for our aspiring students.