Sadia Zahoor

Social Media Director LinkedIn_Icon

  1. What is one of your favourite quotes of all time?

    There is no sunrise so beautiful that it is worth waking me up to see it. – The Queen herself Mindy Kaling

  2. If you could be anyone else who would you be and why?

    I would be Kylie Jenner. She’s a total underdog, my generations tycoon, presenting herself as a complete airhead when all in all she’s like the most intelligent entrepreneur. I mean who else has an entire makeup, social media etc empire at 18? Not Rob that’s for sure.

  3. If you were lucky enough to win the lottery, what would you do?

    I’ld like to believe I would invest it into property, or stocks, something logical. But in all honesty I would just end up spending it all in Sephora.

  4. Why did you become a part of AOA?

    As corny as this sounds; first day of school the first people I met were actually some of the AOA execs, they were so nice and welcoming! So from then on I just wanted to be part of the club, and now that I am I couldn’t be happier!