Thurkha Ponsamy

Marketing Associate

  1. What is one of your mottos in life?

    Just keep smiling!

  2. If you could compare yourself to a character in a TV show, movie, etc., what character do you think is most similar to you and why?

    If I could compare myself to a TV show character I would compare myself to Mr.Krabs from SpongeBob. He’s always got his eyes on the prize.

  3. In your opinion, what is the scariest interview question you have been asked or can be asked?

    The scariest interview question I’ve been asked would be “Describe the color yellow to a blind person.” Instead of thinking of an answer I started to wonder why a blind person needed to know what the colour yellow looks like.

  4. If you were lucky enough to win the lottery, what would you do?

    If I was lucky enough to win the lottery I would pay back OSAP in a heartbeat. Using the remaining money I would give a fair share to my family and friends and a fair share to those who cannot afford an education.

  5. Why did you become a part of AOA?

    I saw AOA as a great opportunity to explore the field of accounting and to gain new friends and connections with individuals who share a similar interest in accounting.